Practical training

Laparoscopic Suturing Surgery Intensive Course

Participants are particularly encouraged to study effective needle handling and bite placement of needles, intracorporal knot tying, interrupted and continuous suturing.

- 3 days of hands-on sessions

- Theoretical sessions

- Live or pre-recorded operative demonstrations

- Coffee breaks, lunches

Course Objectives :

Laparoscopic suturing skills (interrupted, continuous, and tumbled square knot), Extracorporeal Knotting skills, Discussion on errors and complications. At the end of this course participants should be able to: Tie a safe laparoscopic Surgeon’s knot and laparoscopic tumbled square knot, Familiarize with extracorporeal knotting techniques and Demonstrate continuous and interrupted suturing.

Training uses real laparoscopic equipment and laparoscopic boxes trainer, and state-of-the-art virtual reality laparoscopic trainers (LapSim Simulators).

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